Rats! Shocked Customer Takes Video Of Rodents In Popular Grocery Store | Q13 Fox News

Belmond Independent > News > Nasty pest finds its way into Lake Cornelia

They say theyve already taken action. But the customer who took the video says this problem should have never gotten to the point that it did. I was shocked, just completely shocked, said Will Clarke. At first, it was just one rat in the natural food section on the second floor of the store. But after Clarke alerted an employee, he saw more. There were three rats there, but I could hear more, kind of scurrying around under the aisle.
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The DNR staff will continue to monitor Lake Cornelia this summer to determine whether there is an established population of zebra mussels, and is requesting the help of anglers, boaters, and homeowners in the search for zebra mussels in Cornelia. If you see a zebra mussel, please note its location and contact the Wright County Conservation Board or the Clear Lake Fisheries Office at 641-357-3517. Zebra mussels look like small, D-shaped clams that have alternating light and dark bands. Most are less than one inch long. They are native to the Caspian Sea in Asia and were introduced into the Great Lakes in the 1980s by ocean-going ships. They have spread throughout lakes and rivers in the midwest. Known populations in Iowa include Clear Lake, Bluebill Lake, West and East Okoboji, and the Mississippi River.
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Natural sources of nitrogen for your garden – FOX 14 TV Joplin and Pittsburg News Weather Sports |

And with the dry spell weve been having, the off color definitely was not due to overwatering. When I checked the Internet for answers, it seemed the problem with my posies might be lack of nitrogen. This mineral is one of the most important nutrients for plants, necessary for their production of proteins, amino acids and DNA. So I called the savviest gardening expert I know my mother for advice on how to naturally supplement my geraniums diet and give them the nitrogen they crave. Her immediate response: Coffee grounds. Coffee Grounds Mom was right.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.fox14tv.com/story/25963092/natural-sources-of-nitrogen-for-your-garden


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